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That’s not what I meant …. but you told me … I thought you said … that’s not the way I meant it … that came out wrong … how could you think … You get the idea, right? Right? Miscommunication can be painful, funny, whimsical, heartbreaking, and  deadly serious. Warp & Woof will set the record straight. Maybe. Maybe not.

Introducing the Storytellers

Mary Austin

"The Chase"

"Alexa, define obsessed."

Mary Austin.jpg
stu milligan 1983_edited.jpg

Lessons in proofreading

"Host Family Letter"


Stu Milligan

"How Many Times?"


Snap, When teacher snaps

Trish Peters

*Jackson's story is rated PG-107


[Title Redacted]*

Jackson Cook

"The Wrong Dog"

Annotation 2019-05-14 082647.jpg

Always be sure to double check

Donna Spears

High school sucks

Ed at IU Day.jpg

"I Want to be the Very Best"

Ed DeLaPaz

"Over My Cold, Dead Hamster"


A heart full of love and a freezer full of furry friends?

Kaitlyn Blansett

This is my "normal"



Robyn Zitnick

Music by

Aaron Nell & Phil English

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