That’s not what I meant …. but you told me … I thought you said … that’s not the way I meant it … that came out wrong … how could you think … You get the idea, right? Right? Miscommunication can be painful, funny, whimsical, heartbreaking, and  deadly serious. Warp & Woof will set the record straight. Maybe. Maybe not.

Introducing the Storytellers

Mary Austin

"The Chase"

"Alexa, define obsessed."

Lessons in proofreading

"Host Family Letter"

Stu Milligan

"How Many Times?"

Snap, When teacher snaps

Trish Peters

*Jackson's story is rated PG-107

[Title Redacted]*

Jackson Cook

"The Wrong Dog"

Always be sure to double check

Donna Spears

High school sucks

"I Want to be the Very Best"

Ed DeLaPaz

"Over My Cold, Dead Hamster"

A heart full of love and a freezer full of furry friends?

Kaitlyn Blansett

This is my "normal"


Robyn Zitnick

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Aaron Nell & Phil English

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