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Making it

It was the best of times and the worst of times, and a goat was surely to blame. Find out why from Dave Jetmore, the storyteller who opened our season.

"A Christmas Goat"

Dave Jetmore

What does it mean to make it, anyways? Find out from Richmond's local storyteller Josh Amyx.

"Did You Make It?"

Josh Amyx

Listen to Richmond's very own Shari Harlan hold her own in the face of "Dynomite!"


Shari Harlan

You can Leave it to Cleaver! cause this story speaks for itself.

"Matt the Mastercard Man and the Dodo Tree"

Steve Cleaver

Check out this unexpected story of love in the wintertime by local Richmond artist Bennett Ritchie!

"Biking for Love"

Bennett Ritchie

Shana has alot to say about BWF (building while female).

"Suck my Deck"

Shana Nissenbaum

Don't forget to put on the right shoes today . . .W & W fall storyteller Julie Lamberson will tell you why.

"The Right Shoes for my Helicopter"

Julie Lamberson

A story of addiction, recovery, and thriving. Vera tells us about how she found herself in a place she thought she'd never be.

"Never Thought I'd Be on a Cruise"

Vera Crowl