Firsts are memorable. First loves, first kisses, first … all right, we know what you’re thinking. Behave. In any case, firsts aren’t limited to romantic themes. First time you prayed? First time you met a long-lost

relative? First time you drove? First jobs, first offenses, first children, first time abroad, first Indiana winter – the list could go on. So: what’s your best story about a first?

Introducing the Storytellers

Nichole Kanney

"The First Time I Had a Baby Boy"

Mac Maccammon

"The First Time I Proposed to My Wide and She Said 'Yes'"

Lea Städtler

"The First Time I Joined a Roller Derby Team"

Kaia Jackson

"The First Time I Experienced  Heartbreak"

Bruce Wissel

"The First Time I Went on a Honeymoon without My Wife"

Teri Wiggins

"The First Time I Had a Cross-Cultural Experience"

Kaitlyn Blansett

"The First Time I Owned a Cat"



"The First Time I Let My Guard Down"



"The First Time I Kissed My Wife"

Featured Musician

Aaron Nell

Instrument: Accordion

Aaron Nell enjoys musical collaboration.  He plays trumpet, fiddle and accordion with numerous bands and singer-songwriters in Indiana.  Aaron lives in Indianapolis

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