Bottom of the 9th.  Full count.  Bases loaded.  One good swing is all it would take. We  want the crack of the bat, we love the thrill of the comeback.  But it’s not just sports, is it?  We all fall on hard times, veer off track, get knocked down.  But what happens when we get off the mat?

Introducing the Storytellers

"Going Blue"

KT Lowe

"Perfect Exchange"

Eric Dimick Eastman

"My Family's Comeback is Shaping Me"

Diana Martinez

Jon Bottorff

"From Homelessness"

Becky Hartman

"Jay's Comeback"

"The Ruptured Pig"

Dave Jetmore

Scott McKee

"Being One with the Other"

"My Dreams"

Stanley Ngesa

Bill Langley

"Creativity to Academics and Back Again

Featured Musician

Aaron Nell

Instrument: Accordion

Aaron Nell enjoys musical collaboration.  He plays trumpet, fiddle and accordion with numerous bands and singer-songwriters in Indiana.  Aaron lives in Indianapolis

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