Call of the Wild

You seem so civilized.  But if people actually knew about that one camping trip, or that one night out, or … well, we all hear the call of the wild in our own ways, don’t we?  When have you left behind the normal and safe, ventured beyond the civilized and domestic?  We want the dirt.

Introducing the Storytellers

"A Hitchhiker's Guide to Murder"

Jerry Richwine

"The Fearlessness (or Stupidity of Youth"

Caleb Smith

"The Cat Who Blackmailed Me"

Jaynne Rivas

"Reptile Conversion Experience"

Jennifer Brokamp

"Home Alone, Campground Edition"

Craig Weigel

"Into the Everglades"

Kim Reid

"Make Your Head Turn"

Pam Zelaya

"Final Ode to the Wild Side"

Rafi Rivera

Special Guests

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